1985 HONDA   


     In 1985, when I was 14 years old, my Dad bought me a Honda 350X.  In some ways he really had no choice because I think that was ALL I talked about for an entire year before I finally got one.  From age 14 to 16 there were very few days when I wasn't riding this ATC all over the place.  When I was 16 it was sold to purchase a car.  Back then I had no idea that all 3-wheelers would become outlawed by the government, and that '85'and '86 would be the only years that Honda built this bike. 

     Time marched on  (17 years of marching) and I was browsing the pages of EBAY and saw a mint condition 1985 350X.  A few clicks later it was mine!  Below are pictures some of both cycles.


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Pictures of my original 350X taken in 1985 and 1986



Pictures of my recently purchased 1985 HONDA 350X

JH3TE0809FM009948                                                                                     TE080-5010084


Pictures of the 350X after the minor restoration was completed

click here to see the parts list of what was replaced